Surprise, film still exists. It's good exercise to help keep a sharp eye and deter from relying on program.
All film featured has been personally scanned on a noritsu and balanced by myself in photoshop.
Featured films:
Reala 125T
Ektar 100
Ektachrome 100
Provia 100F
Acros II 100
Pro 400H
Cinestill 50D, 400d & 800t
Portra 160, 400 & 800
Gold 200
TMAX 400 & 3200

Featured Cameras:
Nikon FE
Nikon Fe2
Nikon f3
Hasselblad 500c
Kowa Six 6
Noblex Panaromic
Canon A1
Pentax 645N
Mamiya 645
Rolei 35s

Bigger Surprise, Digital is still my preferred method of film making. it's equitable, and allows margin for error. There are so many tools available to help capture your desired shot, and no dreaded trips to the lab to see if you, the camera, lens, film, or light meter messed up along the way.
Canon 5D MkIII
Fuji x-t4
Fuji x-t5
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